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Angela Zhang

Angela Lao Shi photo_March 2024.jpgAngela Zhang
Mandarin Teacher
Hello, I'm Angela, known affectionately as Zhang Laoshi, and I bring a decade of expertise to the realm of early childhood education. My mission as a teacher is to infuse joy into learning, providing our young learners with immersive and exciting educational encounters.

In my role, I see it as more than just teaching; it's about cultivating a fascination for the Chinese language, nurturing self-confidence, and fostering a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom walls. I believe that by instilling enthusiasm into my lessons, I can inspire a lifelong curiosity in each child, setting the stage for their success in both academic and real-world endeavours.

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is the commitment to create a positive and encouraging learning environment where fun is as essential as knowledge. I hold dear values such as empathy, compassion, patience, respect, and creativity, considering them vital tools in shaping the minds of our young ones. Putting the EQ into IQ!

Collaboration with you and your child is key to our shared success. Together, let's build a safe, enjoyable, and engaging classroom where boundless learning opportunities abound!

Fun Fact: I find joy in exploring new places and soaking in the wonders of sightseeing!