Why Are We Called Swallows And Amazons?

Way back to 2007, when I came across our previous campus in Turf City, a little wild space with wonderful full grown trees, the name Swallows and Amazons just came to me. It was a Children’s Adventure Novel by Arthur Ransome that I read when I was a child. The story was one about children learning through discovery and exploration, being risk takers, independent learners, open minded, caring, communicators, reflective, with a focus on the EQ.

All these qualities that is reflected in our Curriculum and Learning Environment.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Eq iq
Putting The EQ Into IQ

Educating children is not just about getting ready for Primary 1 or first grade - the IQ (intelligence quotient). It is about curiosity, exploration, experiences, self-esteem and interactions - the EQ (emotional quotient). Children have an innate sense of wonder and awe and are natural explorers. Our aim is to allow this instinctive desire for enquiry to flourish.

Allow children to learn through play

We believe children should have fun. Play is essential for children to develop high-level social strategies as well as physical and mental skills. At Swallows and Amazons teachers know why, when and how they can help ‘play’ become an enriching, meaningful learning experience so that children can fulfill their potential.

Love of learning
Foster the love of learning

Learning habits acquired in a child’s early years persist into later life. Successful adults tend to be lifelong learners but this habit of enquiry and love of learning depends on an education that rewards exploration and questioning. If a person wants to do something for themselves, they will do it well and derive satisfaction from the experience. Otherwise, they are simply doing ‘tasks’ they are told to do.

Our Vision

Our students will be open minded enquirers who have the independence of spirit to explore and maintain their love of learning.

Our Goals

  • To build on a child’s innate sense of wonder and awe.
  • To keep learning fun, inclusive and relevant.
  • Create confident, independent learners.
  • To make the SAA ELC experience happy, caring and safe.

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