The Journeys Begin With...

Part 1

Fun activities based on Gardner's 8 Intelligences

We recognise children learn in different ways and excel in different areas. Our 8-intelligence learning style allows the teachers to find the learning style or styles that best suits your child. Due to our high teacher:child ratio, our teachers are able to modify their approach on an individual basis and create differing approaches to each child.

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Part 2

Nature-filled Campus

Located at the Grandstand in Bukit Timah, a lush green area with wonderful full grown trees shading the outdoor space, Swallows and Amazons can naturally make children feel like being in an adventure story. Children learn from real life experiences.

Part 3

Parent involvement

It takes team work to create your child's early learning experiences. We work closely with the parents to provide the best early learning environment possible for your child to reach their full potential. Here we offer flexible schedule and activities to get parents involved in their child's learning.

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Parents Love Adventures, Too!


The teachers are amazing. The teachers have taught the kids a lot and made them excited to learn about the topics they're doing in school. When my child goes home, he always want to find out more about what he has learned in school and to continue the learning from there.

Delicia Hoh

The communication is above anything I would have expected from what little emails tell me. There were snippets of what my daughter said during the day, what she has drawn and what kind of story she has relayed from her weekend back to school at constant communication. And everyday she returns home singing the teacher's praises and we couldn't be happier.

Niamh Daniels

Every teacher knows every child. It's not chaotic, it's a really calm environment. When my daughter first moved to Singapore, she was quite introverted and shy, but just in here, she is really kind of blossomed and came out her shell and her confidence has really come along in leaps and bounds. It's really nice to see.

Zara Linehan
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