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Curiosity Kids

Fees: $305.20 per 10-week term (incl GST)
There is a deposit of $100, which is fully refundable on four-term weeks’ written (email) notice of withdrawal to saa@swallowsandamazons.com.sg

STEM (Science) enrichment programme keeping the “WOW” Factor in Science. Children attend a weekly class to explore science in a hands-on, safe and exciting environment. Every child performs the experiment with the guidance of our staff making it a truly engaging class. Classes include experiments, activities related to the topic, games & short quiz.

Our ideology is focused on 4 aspects of learning (our 4 C's)

1. Curiosity: Children are born curious, we aim to foster their natural curiosity by letting them explore through hands on activities which makes learning enjoyable and effective
2. Creativity: Our aim is to encourage every child to explore their creativity and think out of the box.
3. Confidence: Children are encouraged to share their observations and learnings with their peers.
4. Communication: Our aim is to create a learning environment for exchange of ideas to improve communication.

*Open to all SAA registered students (3 years old and above), including those who do not normally attend school on Friday afternoons.
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