Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
NEWS! We have launched our online Student Portal, "Qoqolo". Parents, will be able to access their child’s portfolio online from a desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device at any time. You will be able to see photos and examples of your child’s work and really share in your...
Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
Only 1 day to go before the Universal Children's Day Fair @ SAA.With your help we are hoping to raise funds towards building a kindergarten for the preschoolers of Trung Dung, Vietnam.But WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP to make this happen.Please come to the Fair tomorrow,...
Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
Swallows and Amazons is proud to unveil our "Little Swallows" Early Learning Dropoff Playgroup for 12-17 month olds.

Little Swallows Daily Schedule ( 1pm - 4pm)





Arrival and Health Check

Taking tempreature/ settling in/ nap...

Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
Thinking of a place to hold a party? We have almost 9,000 sq ft of outdoor space for hire. For more details, please contact Christina on or call 6762 8158 for more information and prices.
Tuesday 08 Aug 2017


isan award-winningmusicenrichmentprogramfor2to6yearoldsandiscreated byKindermusikInternational,theworld’smosttrustedbrandinmusicallearning





Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
It is with pleasure that we will be offering early opening hours to our parents. From Tuesday 3rd January 2017, we will be open from 7.30am.Our opening times will be:Monday to Friday7.30am to 4pm
Tuesday 08 Aug 2017
Swallows and Amazons Kindergartenis delighted to host our inauguralUniversal Children's Day Fair on Friday November 20th, 2015in celebration of children and in support of children and families in Tien Lu province, Vietnam.Proceeds of the fair will contribute towards the...

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