Tuesday 02 Jun 2020

I’ve been a teacher for a long time. I am happily married for 24 years, raised three children of my own and I’m proud to say I’ve created Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten. So, you might think I should be pretty au fait with most things to do with children by now. But the...

Tuesday 02 Jun 2020

After a number of years together, it can be a bit shocking to discover that your partner has all these habits you never knew about. Of course you’ve had holidays with your spouse, lots of weekends together too. They’ve seen you at your best and worst. This is well trod ground....

Monday 01 Jun 2020

The last few months have certainly been unique on the scale of human experience – definitely not your average start to the year. Or decade for that matter. Without realising we’re doing much at all, we’ve actually come a long way in a short space of time though. While...

Monday 01 Jun 2020

I think there’s a silent revolution going on out there. Or maybe it’s just a quiet protest. Whatever you’d like to call it, I’m getting the impression that in the wake of children being mostly pleasantly, but distractingly underfoot thanks to lockdown measures, there’s a...

Monday 25 Feb 2019

Parents, we’ve joined School Notices Singapore. Bringing you a community platform to connect with each other to buy & sell preloved items, look for jobs, advertise your business or find your next home or vacation rental and so much more. Visit the site and sign up now!


Friday 22 Feb 2019

It is highly important to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements as this develops their self-esteem. Children are continuously learning and developing, therefore adults have an important role to ensure they provide a rich enabling environment that enables children to...

Friday 07 Dec 2018

The Christmas Carol Concert and morning tea will be on Friday 7th December 2018 from 10.30am. This is a chance for all parents, friends and relatives to share in the festivities and be entertained by the children of Swallows and Amazons as they sing classics such as "The...

Wednesday 05 Dec 2018

Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten are hosting a special ChristmasTea and concert for those special people in our student's lives, their helpers and nannies. It will be held on Tuesday 4th December 2018 from 10.30am The children will perform a Christmas Concert and invite their...

Monday 05 Nov 2018

The children and staff of Swallows and Amazons visit T-Play, for a space flight in sensory and imaginative play on Friday 2nd November 2018. As part of the children's unit of enquiry on Space, the intrepid explorers will experience rockets, crawling tubes and nets, foam...

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