Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

Blog 3 -Keeping Your Children Safe Online – What is Digital Citizenship?

We’re raising children who are going to conduct most of their adult lives online. The speed at which technology is advancing means our lives are becoming more and more dependent on online interactions to...

Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

The horse has bolted. Your ambition of keeping your children away from using electronic devices, playing electronic games, being on social media and so forth until they reach at least the middle teenage years probably has now gone out the window. In fact, it has been thrust...

Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

This island can start to feel pretty small when you know you can’t get off it! Lately, I’ve felt a growing unease about not being able to leave Singapore. Or specifically – not being able to get back in. You see, Singapore isn’t the problem at all….

What I’m actually...

Tuesday 11 Aug 2020

Remember all those months ago BC (before Coronavirus), when we were raising a toast to welcome in 2020 and singing Auld Lang Syne? Rolling down the hill from Christmas 2019, I didn’t quite expect the uphill to mid-year to be quite so steep. And no one could have predicted that...

Tuesday 11 Aug 2020

Don’t we just love them beyond all measure?! Our children are our pride and joy. Beyond work, beyond what we want for ourselves, they have the capacity to make us feel that we’ve done something meaningful. Except on the days when they don’t. But that’s a whole other blog post....

Tuesday 11 Aug 2020

What do you get when you cross a global pandemic with trade wars, a BLM movement, bushfires, pro-democracy demonstrations, and climate change? An infodemic. If you’ve been on social media anytime recently (please assume that it’s a rhetorical question), you might have noticed...

Monday 06 Jul 2020

By now, you’re a professional parent. You know how to swing into a supermarket on your way home to pick up a few groceries with the children in tow (put them in the trolley – the children as well as the groceries); you can fashion a Halloween costume out of your robe, a stick...

Thursday 25 Jun 2020

The joy of parenthood can only be matched by the euphoria of escaping it. It’s that heart-warming feeling of seeing your child’s happiness when they get to school and see their friends, while quickly closing the car door behind them and grinning without a backwards glance as...

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