Weekly WOW moments

Recognising children's achievements no matter how small

It is highly important to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements as this develops their self-esteem. Children are continuously learning and developing, therefore adults have an important role to ensure they provide a rich enabling environment that enables children to do this. Positive reinforcement is key to helping children build their confidence.

Our Wow moments are used to encourage, create a rewarding and motivating early learning environment for the children. Children are recognised for their achievements, usually, it is the first time that they have done something. It can be from helping a friend, showing empathy, putting on their hat or helping to tidy up the classroom. The teachers observe the children’s wow moments and document these in their learning journeys. These wow moments that may seem trivial and small in time, are huge in the message they represent. They give a huge boost to children's self-esteem and confidence and really conveys the message that the world is their oyster!

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