Bringing Sexy Back…Home For The Holidays

Well haven’t our holiday plans been well and truly scuppered?! Instead of long haul flights for Easter and Summer, it’s long-distance calls to airlines and accommodation to see if we can get refunds or reschedule bookings. If living under lockdown will save lives though, it’s time to embrace holidays at home. At least there’s no packing involved and having to think days and weeks ahead about what everyone else in the family needs (or to have to secretly repack the kid’s suitcases if they’re old enough to do it themselves but not quite old enough to know that their latest LEGO construction is not an essential item).

Even though we could see it coming, perhaps you were like me and looked at the pandemic through splayed fingers covering your eyes, pretending your plans might just pan out before the spread got to your front door. From everything, I’ve seen and read it seems a pretty natural reaction to bury your head in the sand. It seems we’re good at suspending our disbelief in real life, the same way we do when we watch a movie. Until we really have to face up to reality, the optimist in us doesn’t easily kill off our dreams. And looking forward to holidays is one thing that keeps us going.

There’s the opportunity to switch off. The chance to have new experiences that are different from our day-to-day. The heart-warming feeling of seeing family (which we know also means obligation, so my pro-tip is see family first and tack on a proper vacation at the end!). And then there’s the chance to reconnect as well. For some, nothing says holiday more than deciding you might want to get it on with your partner at any time you choose. While the children are at the kids’ club of course. So what are we to do if the titillating prospect of having unscheduled sex is snatched away from us. Must we wait till Christmas?

Frankly speaking, the chances that our libido can coincide with the availability of our partner, at night, post-work, when we’re so tired that we can barely muster the energy to binge-watch Netflix, are slim. So that means most of the time, we either have to get on with it when we’re not in the mood or go without. Neither option is great. Which is why I’m proposing you grab this new stay-at-home lifestyle and turn it into an opportunity to break from routine. A moderately dirty extended staycation where work gets done, the kids are taken care of, and ardour trumps routine!

If you’re supposed to be on holidays right now, or even if you’re not, wouldn’t we be mad not to take advantage of a little afternoon delight every now and then when the mood takes us? Plenty of people may see the potential for cracks in marriages to open up during this time of togetherness, but I see the chance for some really lovely connections in areas that might normally get neglected. However, I would advise using noise-cancelling headphones till such time that intimacy stirs. Listening to your partner in work mode or poring through excel spreadsheets of the family budget can be real passion-killers!

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