We do understand and respect that parents are busy at work and are unable to be involved in school activities all the time. Hence, we create a 3-step participation for parents named C U P to help your children gain enormous benefits from your involvement:


Two-way communicate is a very important part of our school’s programme. While children spend their time in both school and home environment, we would also want to support and hear about your children’s progress at home. Therefore, please share with us whenever you can about their items and topics of interest (favorite books, sport, holiday souvenirs and special destinations, friends, relatives and family members)

Every class teacher has their own personal email address which they will notify you of personally.




We will keep most updated information about your children at school on 3 different channels:

Import the calendar into your phone Access the calendar via web browser
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Download Android App Download iOS App Access via web browser
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Please note: Your child’s NRIC/FIN Number is the Default User ID

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  • You can simply stay for any length of time to help with a craft activity, share a favourite hobby, read a story, or just spend time with your child.
  • If you have any special skills that you would like to share with the children (e.g. music, painting, cooking, dancing, story telling, etc.). We would be most happy to include this in the programme for you.
  • On excursions, our policy is to have 1 adult to every 4 or 5 children so in these circumstances we will need your help.
  • Another easy way to be involved is to collect recyclable materials for use within our programmes for example: toilet rolls, kitchen paper rolls, egg cartons, ribbons, washed yoghurt pots, cooking magazines, fashion magazines etc…

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