Monday 05 Apr 2021

I’ve just finished the Piers Morgan’s Audiobook “Wake Up - Why the ‘liberal’ war on free speech is even more dangerous than Covid-19”. Apart from the obvious subject matter of his book, I just would not have the nerve to enter the Twittersphere. I would just crumple as I...

Monday 05 Apr 2021

Talking down to wait staff. Talking loudly on a video call. Talking about private business in a public place. Talking as they hold court through a series of brunch and lunch dates. Always talking. Even on the gym equipment, they are on the phone. Not a quick call (which I...

Monday 05 Apr 2021

“Working from home would be nice,” said no one ever after spending months in lockdown with their children and partner trying to conduct video meetings online. Fast forward to 2021 (if only we had access to that button this time last year), and many people are returning to the...

Friday 19 Mar 2021

As the moon waxes and wanes so too does the monthly cycle of women. Big deal? Yes, in fact it is. Quite apart from the amazing life giving force that women possess because of this (bloody) annoying time per month, I now know I’m jolly lucky to experience it in relative comfort...

Friday 19 Mar 2021

Whatever you do, don’t address the elephant in the room. That’s what I’ve learned from seeing three children through puberty. There’s a big emphasis on being very open and upfront with your kids on everything from menstruation to masturbation to the birds and the bees. But you...

Wednesday 24 Feb 2021

How many chat groups are you on? Are you the recipient of unsolicited direct messages? Do you get added to groups before you know it’s happening? Do you need to stay on top of messages via Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack and multiple email addresses? Does your phone...

Thursday 28 Jan 2021

Proud to be sharing this podcast with you (paying a tribute to Swallows and Amazon's at 40st minute)

Episode 1 - A Boy Called Ulysses A Dog Called Diversity In the very first episode of A Dog called Diversity, Lisa speakers to Marie-Liesse Calmejane about her son Ulysses....

Wednesday 18 Nov 2020

Futures are hanging in the balance. Can you feel it?

It’s that time of year where parents and teenage children lodge applications with universities. Students are having to think ahead and prepare for tertiary studies in 2021. And at the same time, they’re studying for their...

Wednesday 18 Nov 2020

In 1983, Dr. Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, came up with the theory of Multiple Intelligences. It suggests that the traditional way of measuring one’s intelligence, ( I.Q. testing) is far too narrow. Instead, Dr. Gardner put forward his theory that...

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